Assorted Party Package (with Foam Box + Dry Ice)

Maximum of 100 cups per box

Foam Box + Dry Ice Delivery Fee: $30


Bulk Ice Cream Discounts:

  • 31-70 cups, 20% off
  • 71-100 cups, 25% off



  1. Specify quantity desired for each flavour below (multiple of 10s per flavour category)
  2. For price calculation, sum "Classic", "Fruit", and "Premium" flavours
  3. Flavour Category:
  • Classic: Belgian Chocolate and French Vanilla
  • Fruit: Coconut and Soursop Sorbet
  • Premium: Durian


State delivery instructions below

Assorted Party Package (with Foam Box + Dry Ice)

"Classic": Total of Belgian Choc. + French Vanilla
"Fruit": Total of Coconut + Soursop Sorbet
"Premium": Durian

Frozen-tech Delivery

Subsidised at $7

Free above $50

Made from real fruits

100% Natural

No flavouring/ preservative

Up to 30%-45% off

Buy more for less, rather than single scoops of ice cream




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