GOLD GILD AT HOME (3 months)
  • Prices vary, starting from $71.40 depending on the flavour of choice


    You will get 6 pints of ice cream delivered to you across 3 months (2 pints per month)


    With Gold Gild At Home, delivery will be absorbed by us, and free for you. Delivery will happen on the first Saturday of each month between 9am-12pm


    Kindly select your monthly flavours below

    GOLD GILD AT HOME (3 months)

    Month 1
    Month 2
    Month 3

    Frozen-tech Delivery

    Subsidised at $7

    Free above $50

    Made from real fruits

    100% Natural

    No flavouring/ preservative

    Up to 30%-45% off

    Buy more for less, rather than single scoops of ice cream




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