Our ice cream was formulated for the first time over a decade ago, when our artisans decided to pursue their passion for the perfect ice cream - an ice cream for the finest palates!

Since then, we've spent years refining our recipes, of which is used today for GOLD GILD ice cream. To provide a one-of-a-kind ice cream experience, we use only the highest quality ingredients and strive to maintain the highest standards in crafting our ice cream.

Our point of difference lies in bringing out the bold, aromatic flavours of South East Asia's fruits, embodied in a rich and creamy ice cream texture. We use 100% real fruits with no added chemicals/preservatives, and carefully source our fruits to keep authenticity and consistency in our produce.

As we believe our ice cream is second to none, our packaging is designed in a gold covered lid, representing nothing but the best. We trust that you will enjoy our ice cream anytime, anywhere



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Gold Gild Ice Cream 2020 | Singapore | Malaysia